Thanks for stopping by! I’m Julie, but my friends and family call me Jules. During a trip to Thailand I also responded to Jewellery (a name given to me by a friendly lady-boy). Juba is a blend of the first two letters of my first and last name. 

My husband and I renovated two condos in Ottawa before moving to Saskatoon in 2011. I started this blog as a way to chronicle our second Ottawa reno project, and since moving out west it’s become a venue for me to capture my design inspirations, a bit of DIY, and everything in between – whether it’s food, fashion, travel or home furnishings.

In the summer of 2013, we moved forward with our next big project - building our own home for the first time. It's an infill in one of Saskatoon's older neighbourhoods. My husband works in construction so he's the general contractor. I'm "pinch me" excited to pick out all the fixtures and finishing details as interior design and décor is a huge interest of mine.

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, spent a year in Ireland, five years in Ottawa and I'm now loving prairie life...when it's not 40 below!

Put your feet up, stay awhile and leave a comment or two – I love hearing your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

Just found your place, because a friend of mine works at the store- little bird! Excited to find time to pop over and have a look
You are in that roundish bldg on b and idelwyld?

Hope it warms up and il be there

Jules said...

Hi there,

Although I did a post about Anthology, I don't have a personal connection to the store in any way. If you're looking for more information on them, check out their website: http://www.anthologyhomecollection.ca/ They are close to Idylwyld, but not on Idylwyld - you'll find them at the corner of 20th Street West and Avenue B. I hope this helps!