Monday, July 27, 2015

Green roof update and some media attention

On Wednesday evening we climbed up on the roof to do a bit of weeding. I had taken the below photo last Monday, zoomed in on it, and noticed the massive weed in the bottom right corner.

We pulled a small bucketful of weeds. Some were trees-in-the-making, thanks to the ubiquitous Siberian Elm seeds, others were less obvious species -- I'm no weed expert. 

While up there, I was happy to see how many of the sedum were spreading. There are a bunch of little baby sedum, making their way into the world.

These ones remind me of little baby birds with their mouths open, waiting for a worm.

I love the teal/purple shades of these ones.

It's great to see all the beautiful blooms up close.

We're also excited to be sharing the story of our green roof with some local media. This morning, Michael Molaro and I were interviewed by a reporter at the StarPhoenix. Tomorrow, we're doing an interview for CBC Saskatoon. I'll share links once the stories are up!

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