Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Green roof - Part One

Josh and I spent last Friday prepping the garage roof for our plants. We were joined by Michael Molaro of Higher Groundwork HortiCulture (he's our green roof consultant) and a crane operator (complete with his massive crane and an equally massive hourly rental rate). The goal that day was to haul nine cubic yards of soil up on the roof, along with a big ol' pile of rocks for the perimeter.

We also had to lay the drainage layer on top of the EPDM membrane, overlapping the strips and taping it all down.

First, all these rocks need to be moved onto the roof.

Instead of schlepping them up manually, we saved our backs and several days of work by having the crane lift everything on to the roof for us. The rocks went into this bucket, and came out of a chute at the bottom. Josh and Michael directed the crane operator to move the bucket along the perimeter as the rocks slipped down the chute.

Once that was done, the drainage layer needed to be rolled out.

Michael and Josh are taping it down in the photo below. We overlapped the edges and taped it directly to the flashing that separates the soil area from the rock border. I did lend a hand when I wasn't behind the camera. ;)

Once the rocks were all up and the roof was sheathed in the drainage layer, it was time to move the soil. The soil came in large yellow canvas bags that, as you'll see in the video below, Josh cut open to allow the soil to drop out the bottom.

As each bag was emptied, we spread the soil around evenly with shovels and rakes, and once all of it was up, the soil was evened out with Michael and Josh pulling a 2x4 along the surface.

All in all, it took just over two hours to prep the roof for the plants. You'll notice we now have our cedar siding on, we just need to paint the door -- I'll be painting it black to match the window frames and the door on the house.

I'll be back with another post shortly about our day of planting. We had a great crew of people helping us and we managed to have all the plants in by Sunday at noon.

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