Monday, April 20, 2015

Growing a green roof on a garage

Our garage is now framed and the electrical work is done. We're now lining up the stucco work and moving forward with our eagerly anticipated green roof. Here's a look at it from the master bedroom. We have back laneways in our neighbourhood, so the garage sits behind our house.

The next step for our green roof is to add an EPDM rubber membrane, then a drainage layer, then a root barrier, and finally the planting medium. We'll be planting a mix of succulents and native grasses and it will be a low-maintenance green roof. The first summer might require some extra watering while the plants become established, but after that, the roof should be minimal maintenance. We'll use a ladder for access for now. Later, if we decide we want to plant veggies up there (look at how much sun it gets) we can always add exterior stairs.

We've been working with local green roof consultant, Michael Molaro, over the past year to figure out the ins and outs of building a green roof and what plants work best in Saskatchewan's climate. Michael was part of a team that worked on the green roofs at the U of S so he's learned firsthand what plant species can withstand our harsh winters and what cannot.

You can see from the above photo that we have some garden beds along the edge of the garage, and these beds encircle the back patio. We'll test how green our thumbs are by planting our veggies on ground level this summer, and if we decide we need more space, then there's clearly room to expand our veggie garden. 

The membrane install is planned for early May so I'll add another update after that step is complete. 

To learn more about green roofs (or living roofs as they are sometimes called) check out this post by Eco Friendly Sask. 

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Cathy said...

A very interesting project. Looking forward to your green roof posts.