Friday, April 10, 2015

A visit with the Duchess

Josh and I spent our Easter long weekend in Alberta. We met up in Edmonton on Good Friday and then drove to Medicine Hat to see family on Saturday. It wasn't really a long weekend for Josh -- he worked on Good Friday while I took the afternoon off with one goal in mind. I checked into our hotel downtown and then beelined it to the Duchess Bake Shop.

Not having a car, and having just blown $60 on a cab ride from the airport (Who knew it was in a totally different city? Why don't they call it the Leduc International Airport?), I decided to walk an hour west to my destination to save some cash and burn some calories to cancel out the ones I was about to consume. And consume them I did.

I had read about Duchess in a recent issue of Western Living magazine and immediately put it on my very short to-do list for our half-day-one-night in Edmonton. After a long walk in the warm spring sun, I made it to my destination and it was well worth the hike.

I arrived around 1:30pm and there was a long line up ahead of me, but it moved quickly. I chose a cheddar and broccoli quiche (below left) and a tea latte.

I wanted to try EVERYTHING. And I wanted to beg the owners to come open up shop in Saskatoon. I mean, just look at these amazing creations...

I also had their 'financier' for dessert. It was a delicious light French cake with raspberries and crumbled pistachio. It's actually much smaller than it appears here. ;)

The store has a lovely atmosphere that almost transports you to Paris.

And they have a little shop next door for all your baking needs (flours, sprinkles in a rainbow of colours, rose water, etc). They also had a great selection of books - a mix of both cookbooks and food memoirs like David Lebovitz's The Sweet Life in Paris (a favourite of mine). They even have their own cookbook you can find here. 

Considering all the calories I was going to burn on my walk back to the hotel, I bought a mini chocolate cake for dessert (not a second lunch dessert [although I considered it], but an after-dinner dessert to share with Josh).

That night we dined on tacos from Tres Carnales for dinner and then came back to this beauty, awaiting us in our mini fridge. It did not disappoint.

Oh, and since you can't possibly go on a five-hour road trip the next day without a stash of chocolate in your purse, I had picked up these at Duchess for the long slog to Medicine Hat...again, these are a lot smaller in person (just pocket-sized really). I know what you're thinking..."the lady doth protest too much."

My iPhone photos aren't exactly the cat's pyjamas, so if you'd like a better peek into this beautiful bake shop, check out the Western Living article here. 


Cathy said...

Wow! I'd walk that far too for tea and cakes with the Duchess!

Sylvia said...

wow!!!!!!! i might have to get their cookbook... :P

Jules said...

Sylvia - you should get it! When I flipped through it I thought of you and how much you'd like it!