Monday, March 9, 2015

Shedding some light on bedroom light fixtures

I've been avoiding posting any photos of our master bedroom because it still seems so unfinished. Our queen-sized bed looks pretty diminutive in the space, but I'm not really interested in a king-sized one. Proportion wise, it would probably look better, but I just don't see a need for a bed that big...and then the need to purchase all new sheet sets...

I'd like to get some proper nightstands to hide away my notebook, book light and all the other detritus that clutters up our side tables, which is what we're using in lieu of nightstands at the moment. Our last bed was the Ikea Malm that comes with built-in side tables, so when we upgraded to Crate & Barrel's Colette bed, we were suddenly sans nightstands with the oh-so-convenient drawers to tuck away all our bedside junk.

Lastly, we still need a light fixture for this room, which is why I'm going to suck it up and post a few photos of the room (I want to solicit your lighting suggestions!) Our house is quite modern, but the bed is a bit more traditional and I'm trying to choose a fixture that complements the space.

The paisley bedding is by Zara Home. I schlepped it home from London and I'm so glad I did. The price was right, and I love the colourful, exotic touch it brings to the room. The paint colour on the walls is Benjamin Moore's Oxford Gray (although it looks blue to me!).

The next photo shows where our light fixture will hang. The naked bulb will be swapped out for something a little more luxurious looking. Since we have four pot lights in the corners of the room, whatever we choose for the centre doesn't have to give off a ton of light. 

Here are my top four contenders....

1. The Osgood Pendant from Arteriors

2. The Glass Disc Chandelier from West Elm. It was out of stock for awhile, but now it's back...

3. Unnamed pendant light by Snob - Sarah Richardson used this pendant in one of her projects. The company's website doesn't have prices, which usually isn't a good sign unless you have unlimited resources.

via Sarah Richardson Design

Snob has a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns - all very beautiful and delicate looking. I can just imagine the gorgeous dappled light that would shine through them, casting interesting patterns on the walls. It probably doesn't hurt to call and find out the price points, and if they're beyond my budget at least that whittles down my choices for me. 

4. And lastly, and probably the most unlikely (because I found it in Architectural Digest so it's expensive) is the CONNECT Series chandelier from Facaro. It was featured in this month's issue in Doogie Howser's Neil Patrick Harris' home in Harlem. You can only see the bottom of it in the photo below from the magazine, but I checked out the creator's website for more info. It's crafted by hand, with material from bikes the designer finds at the dump - she uses both the bike chains and the rims in her creations.

And she has a ton of incredible designs (most of them "price upon request"). They're like a work of art...but they might be a bit too ornate for our house. I like the idea of making one myself...but really just the "idea" of it. Maybe when we get around to buying and renovating an old character home I'll revisit this idea.

So what would you choose? The more exotic Osgood or Snob pendants? Or the cleaner, crisper looking West Elm glass discs? Or perhaps a repurposed bike chain fixture? Or maybe none of the above? I hope to make a purchase in the next month or two, so please do send along your two cents!


gai said...

I prefer the scale of the glass disc. You want something that makes a statement, in that big room.
Love the idea of the recycled bike chains, etc., but I would feel the (physical and) psychological weight of it up there! Do the pot lights switch on at the same time as your feature light fixture?

Jules said...

Thanks Gail! That's one vote for glass discs (they're also the most affordable option!) The pot lights are on a separate switch, so there's an option to just turn on the centre fixture, or just the pot lights.

Cathy said...

The glass disc fixture seems to be of a good scale and visual lightness for the centre of the room. Since the fixture does not actually hang over anything, the others might appear kind of heavy with nothing underneath to ground them.

Sylvia said...

i vote for the glass disc too! i think it would make a nice statement in the big room... the recycled bike chains one scare me a little.. i'd be afraid of it falling on me in the middle of the night.. lol...