Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A trip to the fabric store

I popped into a fabric shop on Broadway on my way home from a lunch date this afternoon. I had checked out the store when they first opened last year, so today I was curious to see if they had any interesting new fabrics. I wasn't disappointed. There were so many juicy, candy coloured beauties to choose from, I had to snap a few photos. And I had to think of something I could make with them just to give myself an excuse to bring such gorgeous patterns into our home.

Here's a look at some of the bolts that caught my attention. The following three photos are a mixture of Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry fabrics.

I'm strangely drawn to the simplicity of the 'x' and '+' patterns above and below.

And I love the jewel tones of these ones...

Despite having taken sewing classes at Algonquin College a few years ago, it's not a skill I've mastered. However, I'm still pretty confident in my pillow making abilities. I've been wanting to recover some lumbar pillows handed down to me by my mom a few years ago, so this might just be the perfect DIY.

These are the pillows in need of a perk up (the navy and red ones in the middle). Luckily, the covers have zippers and the pillows inside are in great shape.

Then I remembered that when I made my first visit to this fabric shop, I bought some fabric to recover my bulletin board. It was probably 9+ months ago and the fabric was still sitting in a drawer in my office. So, the pragmatic side of me told the impulsive side of me that I wasn't allowed to buy any more fabric until I had used the stuff I already purchased. So, within ten minutes I had ironed the fabric and sheathed the board in the perfectly spring-like floral print.

Here's the before...(it's hard to believe I originally made this five years ago in a craft collective with my friend Sylvia).

And the new-ish fabric post-ironing...

And the finished product...

Granted, I didn't have a staple gun to securely attach the fabric to the back, but the frame holds it nicely in place for now. I've put in a request with Josh to let me borrow one from his office. I'm not often drawn to such whimsical florals, but I loved the colours in this fabric.

Now that it's a wrap, I'm giving myself free rein to pick up some new fabric for my pillows and this time I hope it doesn't take nine months to get 'er done.

On another note, thanks to everyone who commented and emailed me with their thoughts on the bedroom light fixture. Glass discs it is!

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SYlvia said...

i still have the original board!!! and man.. those fabrics are gorgeous! i haven't gone to a fabric shop in ages.. i'm going to have to make a trip!