Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Finding the right rug

I'm not usually one to take advantage of Boxing Week sales. After Christmas comes and goes I usually feel that I have enough stuff. But this year I wanted to treat myself with something for the new house, so I settled on a lovely turquoise rug from GA Interiors. 

I almost went with a zigzag rug I saw at West Elm in New York last year (seen below). On their website it was just $400 for a 9' x 12' version made of jute and chenille - a pretty good price for a rug of that size. Since they don't ship large rugs to Canada, I had to call their Vancouver store (the closest location to me). It turns out the sales on the website are solely for web-based purchases. The same rug from the Vancouver store was $700 plus taxes and shipping, which ends up doubling the price I found online.

So I hummed and hawed and then remembered the turquoise rug I had seen several months earlier at GA Interiors. I liked it so much I had taken a photo of it (below). At the time, our house was still under construction so there were already enough Visa charges to cover without adding a rug to our growing list of expenses.

A few days after Boxing Day, I called the store and found out that it was 30% off, so I did the math and decided to shop local.

The rug is 8' x 11', made of wool, and fits the space well. I measured the room before buying it to ensure it would fit with the furniture arrangement, and slide under at least the front legs of the couch. Here's how it looks...

It's made the living room more liveable now as Josh likes to lay on the floor with the ottoman as a headrest, swaddled in our blankets while he watches TV. Turn the fire on and it's actually a pretty cosy little floor nest. Josh has probably only sat down on the couch once since we brought the rug home. It's warmed up the space, pulled all the furniture together and added a nice injection of colour to the room. The next step for this room is to find a proper coffee table to set a drink down on, and we'll jazz up the mantle with some paint or wallpaper.

Looking for tips on choosing the right rug size? Here's a great video tutorial from Emily Henderson:

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Cathy said...

That rug really is a beauty!