Monday, December 15, 2014

These are a few of my favourite things

Last month I spent a week in Vancouver visiting family, Christmas shopping and looking for a few things for the new house. I found a lot of inspiration and may just take the plunge on one or two of these items in the New Year. Here are some of my findings...

Coffee tables

At the moment, we have a faux leather ottoman in place of a coffee table and it's a bit precarious to rest a drink on it, so I'd love to get a proper coffee table (preferably marble-topped) sooner than later. These are some contenders...

1. West Elm's Reeve Mid Century Table $499

And ohhh....I love the rug underneath it too...but white would not be a smart option for our house. I love the simple style of this table (and those great gold caps), but it might be a bit too small for our space.

2. Peridot's marble-topped table - I can't remember the price of this one, but I'm pretty sure I could not afford it.

3. Crate & Barrel's Cliff Coffee Table $699

This one might be a bit too long for our current sectional. We may eventually get a new sectional, so it's a bit tough to decide on the right size table at the moment.
4. Parliament's Kube coffee table $775
This one might just be the perfect fit at 30" x 30". Not too big. Not too small. Like baby bear's porridge it's juuuuuuusssst right. I may take the plunge on this one if shipping costs aren't too steep.
If you're in Vancouver and into modern/contemporary furniture and accessories, you have to check out this incredible Gastown shop located on Water Street.
Shiny Sparkly Christmas things
Most of our holiday décor is a series of hand-me-downs so I was looking for a few fresh new ideas to add a bit of Christmas sparkle to the house. I found these lovely string lights at Restoration Hardware.

Apologies for the terrible photo - these were more string lights inserted into glass cloches. They're battery powered so there's no ugly cords running down the table. This photo doesn't to it justice, but this was a lovely delicate-looking centrepiece.

They had them in both gold and white bulbs.

I can't remember the price, but I ended up buying a more affordable version from Crate & Barrel. I'll have more photos in the next blog post, but here's a sneak peek of the ones I bought from C&B.
I love a festive, sparkly tabletop at Christmastime, and I loved how West Elm used three runners with two improvising as place mats. I bought a shiny gold runner from another store (again, see my next post for details).
Pendant lights
I'm still on the hunt for a pendant light for our master bedroom. These three are all from West Elm. I had been coveting them from afar on West Elm's website so it was great to see them in person.
West Elm's Droplet glass pendant. The photo I took of this one looked like the dog's breakfast, so I found WE's version online. It's no longer on their website so it may no longer be an option.
So, as I write this, I'm discovering all these fixtures are no longer on West Elm's website. So much for being responsible and taking my time by shopping around comparing prices...back to square one in the light department!

Another pretty fixture I can no longer purchase.

Stairway lights
I shouldn't really call this a light fixture, it's more like a piece of art. We still plan to create a cascading light fixture to hang down our open staircase from the top floor into the basement. An electrician friend will be graciously giving us a hand with it - we just need to get our hands on some glass orbs to put the lights in. If you know any Prairie-based glass blowers - send me a note!
Bocci light fixtures were my inspiration for this fixture, but they cost tens of thousands of dollars...I kid you not. I found this Bocci fixture at Inform Interiors in Gastown. I can't even fathom how much this piece would cost - every glass ball is blown by a real person - not a machine, and they're made right in Vancouver.

So that's a recap of the marbley-sparkley-shiny pretty things I have my eye on...or am simply inspired by. I'll have a Christmas décor post coming up soon! 

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