Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas in Haultain

Y' Christmas in Hollis? Although I was an 80s/90s kid, it still seems rather antiquated to refer to a favourite Christmas "cassette" but that's what it was. In 1990, A Very Special Christmas was released on cassette tape - a compilation of holiday songs by Bruce Springsteen, U2, John Mellencamp, Whitney Houston, and yes, even Run DMC singing about collard greens. It's still a great album and it came out on CD in 2008, which also seems very dated now. I haven't purchased a CD in years. But I digress.

We never spend Christmas at our own house - we're either at the lake with Josh's family or out east with my family, so we've never had a real tree. I prefer real to fake, but it's hard to justify the cost and effort when you'll be away for the holidays. Our families always buy real trees, so I know we'll get our fir fix once we're hunkered down in Nova Scotia or at Emma Lake. Nothing beats the scent of a real Christmas tree, but our fake tree is pretty darn convenient - no watering or needle vacuuming required. And I still get a whiff of fresh greenery when I come through the front door, thanks to the annual wreath we receive from Josh's parents. I love how it looks against our bright yellow door.

Even though we won't be here for the 25th, here's how we've decorated for our first holiday season in Haultain...
The string lights from Crate & Barrel have found a home on our mantel, and inside what Josh refers to as our "Aladdin's lamp." The sparkly bunting is a DIY from last year, and the paper snowflake is from Target.

Aladdin's lamp is all dressed up for Christmas. I actually don't have a name for this thing - I just liked the Moorish look of Josh's name for it might just stick.

 I recently read an article on Apartment Therapy about how to know when a room in your house is finally "done" décor wise. One tip was to take a photo of it, and then assess the photo instead of viewing the room itself. It gives you a new, objective perspective on it. Now that I've had a better look at these photos, I realize I need to put aside the books for now, as they make the mantel too busy. The gold and silver sparkly branches just get lost among the colourful book spines. Perhaps I'll do a short "after" post.

And here's our faux fir. I'm always drawn to turquoise and chartreuse ornaments as you can see. Every year I tell myself I'll get a more neutral toned tree skirt, but I have yet to find one I like.

I picked up this Chilewich table runner at Örling & Wu on Water Street in Vancouver. It's a lovely little shop filled with great home accessories and gifts.

The snowflakes aren't part of the runner, I just had them left over from last year's DIY bunting project. They can come off after Christmas, but the runner can stay into the New Year.

So that's it for Christmas in Haultain. I'll follow up with an evening shot of the mantel sans books. The lights look so much prettier at nighttime anyway. 


gai said...

Julie, Julie, Julie

Just dropping in to say: Make it, Make it, Make it! (the perfect tree skirt!)

Lovely decorations, simple and sweet, just like your new home.

Have a great Christmas.

Love, Gail

Jules said...

Hi Gail,

Thanks for the great idea! We have a new fabric shop near our house, so next year that could be a fun DIY! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Christmas too!