Thursday, October 9, 2014

Two loos

Apartment Therapy just ran an article about overused design jargon. At the top of the list was the ubiquitous "pop of colour." I'd love to add the term "jewel box" to that list. As in, when people describe a powder room that's either sheathed in colourful wallpaper or with a bright paint. I've read that same description in too many design magazines. While I'm definitely guilty of pointing out pops of colour, but I agree it's time to retire the phrase and find another way of describing a bright focal point.

But I digress. Here's a peek at two of our bathrooms. They aren't jewel boxes and I'm not going to point out colour pops. Apologies to Steven and Chris.

This is our guest bathroom. The grout lines look a little wonky, but that's due to my lacklustre Photoshop skillz. The grey grout and subway tiling was done to perfection - we have a great tile guy. We chose wall-hung tankless toilets from Toto, and the shower curtain is Marimekko from Crate & Barrel. I knew I wanted to try a dark grout and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I may have mentioned this in a previous post, but this subway tile was insanely affordable at about $2/square foot. At that price, it just made sense to continue the clean, polished look around the back of the toilet and vanity. We did grey grout with our hexagons on the floor as well. My mom found the mirror at EQ3 and told me about it, so I picked up two of them from Palliser Rooms. It's called the Connor Mirror and I love that I found a shower curtain to match it.

The wall colour is Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore. The faucet is from Delta and the vanity counter is quartz (Cambria's White Cliff). The vanity is actually quite narrow and it was difficult to find an under-mounted sink that would fit it. Eventually, I found this one on

Let's continue the tour downstairs to the powder room, shall we? You'll see some similarities here: same Delta faucet, same mirror but with a white frame, same vanity top, cupboards and handles. I went with Benjamin Moore's Kensington Blue on the walls.

I love that this bathroom has a window to let in the natural light. It just so happens that it looks straight into the neighbours' kitchen window though. And I'm paranoid about looky-loos (but for some reason don't mind putting house photos on the interweb). That's where the snake plants come in. It took a long time to find a planter to fit the narrow window sill - I actually found this one at Safeway once I had almost given up. I bought the plants at Bill's House of Flowers on Broadway and I threw some corks in the bottom to let the water drain down. I'm not much of a green thumb, but at least it's easy to avoid over watering these guys since I can see the soil.

And here's a photo of a damp, wrinkly towel. It usually looks a lot nicer. I picked it up at The Better Good on Broadway because I loved the cute little tassels.

We have a few other long, skinny windows in the house and they're the perfect spot for my succulents. I seem to manage to keep my succulents alive...they just tend to grow very tall and gangly over time.

So that's a little look at our loos, and a brief detour to a hallway windowsill. I'm picking up some tile backsplash samples next week so I hope to have an update on that soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Cathy said...

Lovely loos! Love the shower curtain too.