Friday, October 3, 2014

The low down on lighting

Our basement is now dry walled and has a coat of primer on the walls, so this week I started ordering the light fixtures. Here's what I went with:

1. The City Chandelier from Schoolhouse Electric. This one is very similar to the fixture from Nuevo we installed over our dining room table. This seven-bulb beauty will go in the entry to the basement suite where the ceiling is very high. I love that you can customize the length of the cord with this piece - I went with a 3' length. I won't use the chrome dipped bulbs as we did in the dining room as the light doesn't actually shine through the chrome. I'll likely go with a round frosted bulb.

2. The U/2 Sconce from Schoolhouse Electric. This industrial-style sconce will be used as the bathroom vanity light. There's no window in the bathroom so I wanted a fixture without a shade so that we could really brighten up the space. 
3. The Bell White Flush-mount Lamp from CB2. I bought two of these in white - one for the hallway and one for the laundry room. If you told me a few years ago that I'd be buying brass light fixtures I would have said you were crazy. I've since learned to love the warm metallic finish - as long as it's not overdone. These will tie in with the brass on the vanity light. I love the clean, simple look of this fixture.
4. The Alang ceiling lamp from Ikea. I bought two of these drum shade fixtures - one for the bedroom and one for the den. The ceiling is a bit lower in the den, so this 6" tall flush mount will still allow plenty of head room. This was my attempt at reining in the budget.
I just have two more fixtures to buy. I'm looking for something nondescript that will blend in with the ceiling as the locations (the bottom of the stairs and in front of the entry to the den) don't need to be focal points. 

One piece that didn't make the final cut (but was a contender for the basement entryway) was the Licorice Rope Rainbow pendant from The Land of Nod. The price was pretty reasonable at $159 and I do love colour...especially in rainbow format. ;) However, since this is a basement suite, I decided to err on the side of caution with the yellow fixture from Schoolhouse Electric, just in case we find a great tenant who isn't as smitten with rainbows as I am...
So that's a look at our lighting choices. We're currently narrowing down options for our kitchen backsplash so I'll have an update on that shortly!

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Cathy said...

All very nice choices!