Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A look at the landscaping

Our hardscaping is all wrapped up and we've planted five new trees in the last few weeks. By "we've planted" I mean that Josh planted them all while I somehow managed to sleep in until 11am on a Saturday. I got up in time to attempt digging a hole in the front yard for our new maple, but the dense clay soil got the better of me, and my brother ended up picking up where I gave up.

The photo below shows our new "rugged charm maple" we picked up at Wilson's Garden Centre. I like that it turns red in fall as there are very few trees in the Prairies that do that. Our landscapers planted the tall grasses and gave us some boulders. The rest of the yard is pea gravel and in the spring we'll tackle the flower bed below the front window on the right.

The paving slabs I chose are 16" x 16". It's hard to tell in this photo, but they're a dark slate colour. As you'll see, we still need to enclose the front deck and add proper stairs.

We continued the same paving slabs along the side of the house and into the back courtyard. Josh planted four Swedish Aspen along the fence. They grow nice and straight and tall and will provide plenty of privacy as the years go by.

The photo below was taken from the garage pad. Our garage isn't built yet - we're hoping to have it before the snow comes. I'm currently researching the viability of putting a green roof on it - but that's another blog post. Flower beds border three corners of the courtyard. Oh - and we have exterior lights now! These black beauties shine light up and down.

I'd like to have a nice horizontal cedar fence someday, but for now, we're happy to disguise it as best we can behind trees. Next year we'll add a few vines to further camouflage it.

Our stair railings are now 95% complete...so that'll be the next update! Stay tuned.

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Cathy said...

You are steaming right along! Great trees. Especially like the maple Fall colour.