Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Office

My office is one of the closest-to-being-100%-ready rooms in the house. We're missing some back plates for the cupboard handles and I need a bigger desk (eventually), but it's come a long way in the last month. The drawers now have hanging folders inside them and it feels great to finally be organized. It's so much easier to focus on my work when everything is in its proper place.

I LOVE my bookshelves and the colour they bring to the room. I've somewhat obsessively grouped them by genre: travel, business, fiction, non-fiction, sailing (Josh's section), etc., and where possible, I've also grouped them by colour. It turns out I have a lot of turquoise/blue/minty green things. And yes, there are some very empty shelves up top. I can only reach these with a step ladder, and we still have boxes to unpack where I'm sure I'll find things to put up there...

You'll see both above and below where we're missing some back plates. Somehow we miscounted (as we used these pulls in other rooms as well). They should be arriving soon and will be easy to pop into place.
As a happy coincidence, our desk (shown below) also has similar circular pulls. It's a few years old and we bought it at Urban Barn. It's just a bit too small (I like to spread my notes out when writing), so I've been on the lookout at antique stores for something I can throw a fresh coat of paint on. We'll still hold onto this desk as it fits perfectly within a nook in our kitchen, so it'll be the perfect spot to put mail and pay bills.
Another great thing about the office is the view of the mature trees in our neighbourhood. The top-down bottom-up blinds provide privacy, but I still get to see all the greenery outside. Eventually we'll hang something on the back wall, I'll donate the lamp and hang the bulletin board sitting on the floor. Baby steps. 

So that's a little sneak peek into my new workspace. It's tied with the master bathroom for being my favourite room in the house. I'll have a kitchen update shortly!


SYlvia said...

love love love it!!!!! and the bulletin board looks suspiciously familiar.. ;P i may or may not have the same one!!!! miss you guys.. xoxo

Cathy said...

What a great home office!

Jules said...

Thanks Cathy & Sylvia!

Sylvia - whenever I look at the bulletin board I think of how great that craft collective was...I'd like to start something similar in Saskatoon! Mine is in need of some new fabric though - too many pin holes now! Miss you guys too!