Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One of these things is not like the others

I know I'm long overdue for some interior photos, but it seems like every room still has one or two missing things I'd like to check off the list before I post photos. The three kitchen island pendant lights arrived from West Elm and one of those things was not like the other.

We ordered three of these...

But we only got two of them, and one of these...
So I've been patiently waiting for more than a month for them to send the correct one. I know...first world problems. We're still waiting on a mirror for the master bath, a sink and counter for the guest bath, and some back plates for handles in the office. Until then, here are some exterior shots. Our landscaping is starting tomorrow so the giant weeds' days are numbered. 
We've gotten a lot of compliments on our house. My office is at the front and when the windows are open I've heard people make - so far - only nice comments. This week a little boy told his mum how much he liked the yellow door. I'm pretty happy with the yellow door, but sometimes wonder if it clashes with the orange of the cedar. The cedar will fade over time, so perhaps it'll look better in time. I knew I wanted a bright colour, but the cedar seemed to limit my colour options.

My father in law is not such a fan of the yellow, but raves about how great our black door looks at the back. I have to agree that it looks pretty good since it matches all our trim. We're still waiting for the exterior lights to be installed on the back of the house. We went with these fixtures from Russell Lighting - they shine up and down and will also match the trim.

The concrete in the foreground is where our garage will go, so we'll have another wee courtyard instead of a sprawling verdant lawn. We don't want to mow, so it will be hardscaped with flower/vegetable beds around the edges. It'll be slightly bigger than our last courtyard seen here.

So that's it for today. What do you think of the door colours? Have we made a mistake? Would you have gone with another colour or a neutral? My skin is a bit thicker now...I can handle it :)


Cathy said...

Have a look at Sherwin Williams numbers 6416, 6417, 6418 and 6419 in a semi gloss. I like the idea of a bright colour on your front door. It is really hard to work with the cedar orange tones. Greens are a nice compliment. Your yellow is cheerful though.

Mary said...

I know this is going to seem completely out of left field, but have you considered purple? I know it's not a typical front door colour, but I've seen it a few times done right, and it made a really cool statement. Might work with the colour tones of the brick and cedar?

Also - didn't know you guys are Vespa people. We are too, haha!

gai said...

The yellow door looks great. When you have plantings out there, make sure there are some cheerful yellows, and it will be harmonious.

Jules said...

Thanks for the great tips everyone!

Mary, I briefly considered purple, but my neighbour has a nice new purple door, so I figured I'd mix it up a bit :) I've only taken the Vespa out once so far...I need to get back on it this summer and practice!

One of those Sherwin Williams colours would look nice too. We'll definitely leave it for a year or so as there's still so much to do around the house! It's something we can revisit when our to-do list is shorter!

Gail, I love your tip about planting yellow flowers! We're working on the landscaping now so I'll be sure to include some bright yellow out front!