Friday, August 22, 2014

Kitchen tour

Our missing island pendant shade has arrived, and it's now safe to say that the kitchen is 95% done.

Let's take a little tour, shall we?

So what's the missing 5% you ask?

Eventually we want to install a tile backsplash, but it's not a huge priority right now. We're currently working on the landscaping and we're just about to start finishing the basement, so the backsplash is on hold for now.

After seeing this post about wall stencilling on the blog, A Beautiful Mess, I'm tempted to stencil the backsplash to add some pattern and interest until we get down to tiling. I'm also reminded of the lovely Moroccan patterned stencil my Aunt Mary did in her beautiful kitchen. You can find the post about it here. It could be a fun DIY in the cold months of winter.

I love seeing my colourful Le Creuset pots and pans out on display. These beauties are far too pretty to be hidden away in a cabinet.

The faucet was on Josh's must-have list. You can turn it off and on by just touching it which is pretty convenient when you have sticky fingers from cooking or baking.
I love having the window here as I'm starting to grow some basil from seed and it's getting plenty of sunlight.

You can see in the photo below that we went with grey for the kitchen island millwork. The colour is Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore. It matches the grey on the stair wall you can see in the background. We went with quartz countertops as I just couldn't stomach the cost of marble. The island is Cambria's White Cliff and the perimeter is Fieldstone (also by Cambria).

The bookshelf/wine rack combo is one of my favourite details in the kitchen. Just like with my office bookshelf, I love to see the colourful spines of the books here. It turns out that building a house is pretty expensive, so the wine purchasing has been on hold for some time! Donations welcome :)

As mentioned in my previous post, the island pendants are from West Elm. The light fixture over the table was a steal at $200. We got it from Richardson Lighting and it's by a company called Nuevo. I say it was a steal as I recently saw a similar (although larger) fixture in a British home décor mag for over £2000. With today's exchange rate, that's over $3600.

We have an incredibly convenient walk-in pantry that's still missing a barn door. Just another little item we can live without for now and will eventually get around to finalizing. Josh built all the shelves himself and saved us a nice chunk of change. The flush mount light is from Kuzco Lighting.

I love that we actually have empty shelves in the pantry. I'm trying to purge and embrace minimalism, so here's hoping we always have a few empty shelves in here. I've made several trips to donation centres in recent months and I've been trying to live by William Morris' mantra: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be heading over to Royal Design Studio to daydream about stencil patterns for the kitchen backsplash...


Cathy said...

Love the shots of colour in your beautiful kitchen!

Sylvia said...

LOVE the bookshelf/wine bar!!