Saturday, June 21, 2014

Moving Day/Week!

We moved in to the new house on Monday and are still unpacking and deciding where to put things. I keep having those "pinch me" moments where I just can't believe this is our house. I actually get to live here. We couldn't be happier with it. There are still stair railings to go up (so no one falls into the pit of doom), cabinet and cupboard handles and light fixtures to install, mirrors, hooks and shower curtains to hang, a garage to build and a basement to finish, but it's definitely livable.

The Glass Doctor installed the glass panels along the stairs on Thursday and I'm incredibly happy with how it turned out. It looks just like the inspiration photo I had. The railings will match the black metal stringers and they'll have glass panel inserts. The stair treads are made of Parallam and are finished with Varathane.

One of my favourite things about this neighbourhood are all the big, mature trees surrounding us. I love seeing all the green outside our windows. They also provide an extra element of privacy.

Our living room is kinda-sorta put together now. Eventually we'll mount the TV on the wall to the right of the fire place and move the sideboard to another spot. I'd like to tile this bump-out in marble mosaics, but Josh likes it the way it is. We'll see how it looks once the TV is mounted and make an executive decision. I'd also like to get an area rug for this space to make it a bit cosier.

Note the lovely sari blanket on the couch. My mom visited a few weeks ago and bought it for us at Green Ark in Riversdale. They had a ton of gorgeous patterns in stock. This one is made of red, purple and blue saris, so you can fold in various ways to get a different look.

It's all these colourful accessories that made me decide on white walls for the main floor. Now that we've unpacked and placed a lot of these items I'm glad we went with a white backdrop. There's more colour - paint-wise - upstairs...but that's another blog post.

We also have a beautiful bright yellow front door now! I just haven't had a chance to go out and get a picture as the rain has been coming down in buckets in the last few days. Check back soon!


Dallas New said...

Absolutely love. Well done you two!!

Cathy said...

Love the beautiful, wide open sight lines, enhanced by the glass enclosed staircase. Your pops of colour look great too! Enjoy it all!

Sylvia said...

marimekko cushions!!!!!!??

kate said...

i can't believe this is your house either! i am insanely jealous. love the mid-century sideboard in your living room!

Jules said...

Thanks for the kind words ladies! Syl: yep, those pillows are from the Marimekko store in NYC. I was in fabric heaven! Kate - I love the sideboard too! It belonged to Josh's grandma.