Friday, June 6, 2014

Come and knock on our (soon to be yellow) door

My perfectionism is getting in the way of my blogging this week. The baseboards were just cut and installed this week, leaving the house covered with a thick layer of sawdust. My interior shots don't look quite right and I've deemed that they aren't blog-worthy. You can't quite see that the countertops around the kitchen perimeter are dark grey, they're more a drab beigey tone with their half centimetre of sawdust...and the island is covered in tools, paperwork and appliance manuals.

We're getting it all cleaned up next week, so I'll have some interior updates soon. For now, let's have a peek at the front door. I've been mulling over/fretting over paint options and with the painters wrapping up next week, it was time to make a decision. I opened the below photo in Photoshop and started experimenting with various paint colours, emailing them off to Josh for his thoughts.

As you'll see, my Photoshop skills are dismal at best. There was probably an easy way to "fill in" the door with colour, but my patience wore out so I just did a colour match and painted right over the door with the paint brush tool. Perfectionism be damned.

I knew turquoise wouldn't go well with the orange of the cedar, but I just couldn't help myself...I had to give it a try...and it looked awful...crappy Photoshopping notwithstanding.

But what about a lighter turquoise?

Turquoise wasn't meant to be. Josh wanted me to try red, but understandably found it a bit harsh/bright.

So I tried cherry red. It was all just a terrible assault on the eyeballs. I clearly can't even draw a straight line.

It became abundantly clear that the brightness of a computer screen just wasn't going to give us an accurate picture of a coloured door, so I hopped on my bike to get some paint swatches and a small tin of yellow exterior paint.

The swatches at my local Co-op were pretty tiny so I grabbed three of each and taped them together. I then taped them to the door and took a step back. I just couldn't let go of the turquoise...I can be pretty stubborn sometimes.

I opened my small can of exterior yellow paint, painted a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper, and stuck it on the door.

It seemed to be one of the few bold, bright colours that would complement - or at least not clash with - the cedar. So that's what we're going with - a not-so-mellow yellow.
I had completely forgotten that seeing this door style in a sunny yellow was what drew me to it in the first place. I found it in the May 2013 issue of Style at Home, seen below. It's the cheery front door of Colette Soros' Vancouver home. Like she's done, we'll keep the interior side of the door white.
I keep reminding myself that it's just paint. If we don't like it, we can paint over it. Once it's got a fresh yellow coat I'll post a follow up! Happy Friday!

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