Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Master bathroom progress

We've had a ton of progress on the house in the last few weeks. The counter tops are in, the plumbing is (mostly) installed, and our cabinets are 90% complete. This week, the baseboards are being added and the interior doors are being hung.

One of my favourite rooms at the moment is the ensuite, as it's so close to looking like a finished room. The freestanding tub and faucet were just installed this morning and I couldn't be happier with them. I love how it feels like we're up in the tree tops here.

We went with Delta's "Vero" faucets and our counters are "Whitney" by Cambria. We're clearly in need of some paint touch ups now that the counter tops have been jammed into place (as seen in photo above and below).

Josh and I have always been happy to share one sink (one less thing to clean!), but for resale purposes, we installed two. We're just waiting on the false-front "drawers," handles, mirror and sconces. I'm in the process of obtaining a quote to have a custom mirror applied above the vanity. Ideally it would reach to the ceiling with cut outs for the currently MIA sconces. And here's where we made a boo boo. We didn't realize how off-centre the light boxes were until the sinks were installed. Our electrician is going to move them for us. Live and learn.

We decided to cover the back of the shower with glass tile, and do the sides in a white, standard subway tile. The glass tile was about $10/square foot and the subway tile was a very reasonable $2/square foot, so it was a great way to keep our budget in check. Since we went with wall-hung toilets, our tile installer suggested we bring the subway tile out behind the toilet to make it easier to clean.


We're still missing a few shower head and temperature control parts which should be arriving later this week. We're also hoping to nail down a date to have the glass shower walls and door installed.

It feels great to have so many big items checked off the list, now it's just a matter of managing and pinning down all the small, finicky details: handles and pulls, paint touch ups, towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc. I just have to remind myself how far we've come. After all, it wasn't that long ago when we were at this stage...

Kitchen update to follow! :)

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