Thursday, February 6, 2014

Rub-a-dub-dub, we have a tub!

One of the first things on my list of "nice-to-haves" for our new house was a free-standing tub for the master bathroom. During our planning stages, I wasn't yet aware that they're quite a bit more costly than the built-in/drop-in versions. Not to mention the fact that the floor-mounted faucets can easily add another $1,000+ to your already bulging budget.

I had my heart set on a clean-lined modern tub by Waterworks. I had never seen their tubs in person - only on the pages of my House & Home magazines. Their Saskatoon supplier was Centennial so we went to have a look in person. They had a few Waterworks tubs on display and one of them was just the style I was looking for, but not the price I was hoping for. At $8,000 it was priced way beyond my expectations. When we renovated condos in Ottawa I remember paying a paltry $200 for a decent-looking drop-in tub. My dreams were temporarily dashed as reality sunk in. The ethereal egg-shaped tub (shown below) was just not to be.

I soon got over it though. Centennial had a brand called Rubi with line of contemporary freestanding tubs. I hadn't heard of the company before, but they're Canadian, based in Quebec. The shape was different, but it still had the clean look I was going for. And it was about a quarter of the price of the WW tub at just over $2,000. So after doing a bit of comparison shopping, we placed our order and it arrived about a month later. Here's a close up...there's still some protective padding on it, but you get the idea. In this photo it temporarily sits where our vanity will go.
It'll eventually settle in this lovely light-filled corner - we're gonna need some curtains! The far end of the tub shows where it'll line up with the left wall. The front end will slide left to run parallel with this wall. The photo is taken from the shower area. The door will be just beyond the vanity in the photo, so when you walk in, the first thing you'll see is the tub.
So there you have it, a lesson in the (sometimes) steep price of freestanding soaker tubs. I'm thrilled with our purchase as paying four times the price wouldn't have made me four times happier. And the sooner we can pay off our mortgage, the better, and happier we'll be.


kate said...

I love it! You're lucky you have a spacious North American bathroom - everything is always so small in Europe (freestanding sinks with no counter tops being the norm) x

Jules said...

Thanks Kate! When I was visiting you I kept thinking that I'd be willing to trade all my extra space to have the excitement of London outside my door! Glad to see the tube strike is over! Come visit when our house is all done! :) xo