Thursday, February 13, 2014

Let there be (affordable) light

Our new house is being dry walled this week, which means that we're about to move from Josh's favourite part of building to my favourite part. It's been interesting to see how houses are built and what lies beneath the walls and between floors, but it's the decorating part that I find truly exciting. Josh likes the structural stuff, and he's not quite as giddy as I am when it comes to choosing lighting, paint colours, tiles and flooring.

I'm just in the process of choosing flooring (which I'll cover in a later post) and I'm also focusing on light fixtures. I've poured over Pinterest, Houzz, and my own magazine tear sheets in an effort to narrow down some lighting options. But the more I look around, the more I like. I keep adding to my list of options when I should just be choosing from my existing ideas.

Below are a few light fixtures I love. The first ones listed were knocked off my list once I found out the price. It's not a surprise to me, or Josh, that I have a knack for choosing ridiculously priced fixtures...some of which were five figures. *shudder*

Our stairwell has an opening that runs from the second floor ceiling right down to the basement. I'd love to hang cascading pendants like this in the space, but at $12,500 these Bocci-branded glass balls are WAY beyond budget. I'm working with Richardson Lighting to see if there's anything similar yet palatably priced.

The Arctic Pear chandelier by Ochre is available at South Hill Home in Toronto. I envisioned this beauty hanging over our dining table. After requesting pricing on it, I was told the 36" wide version is $10,825. Yikes. I stopped envisioning it over my dining table as there'd be no way to put food on the table if we bought this.
This shimmering beauty was in my January House & Home mag. It's "hand-assembled in North America," which seems strangely ambiguous. I watched an incredible video showing one of these fixtures being manually assembled piece by piece and I knew I couldn't afford it before I saw the $6,750 price tag. It's by Gabriel Scott and you can watch the video here.


Close up of the strands
It also comes in brass with a starting price of $8,500. Apparently brass is back in. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Our master bath will have two sinks, and two sconces flanking two mirrors - for four sconces in total. And Josh says I'm bad at math. I found these Robert Abbey sconces in a photo on Houzz before knowing the price, which you can see below. As I'll need four of them, I just can't stomach the $2,000 total.

But let's move on, shall we? Here are a few lights I'm loving that are considerably more affordable...
Both of the below pendants are from Nuevo Lighting. I don't have a price on the top version, but the "chrome dipped" one was just over $200. That three-figure price tag is a breath of fresh air. I love the industrial look and can see one of these hanging over our dining table. And at that price we'd still be able to put food on the table.


I found the photo below in my latest issue of Style at Home. It was purchased at one of my favourite Vancouver design shops - The Cross. I looked it up on their website, and it's a bit pricier than the above pendants at $795, but still within reason if we're just buying one or two statement light fixtures. We won't likely have any gold accents on the main floor, so I can see this pendant looking pretty swell in the master bedroom.



We saw this bentwood pendant at West Elm in NYC last spring. I liked its beautiful simplicity. And the price tag on this line is pretty fabulous too. They range from $174-$217 and come in various shapes and sizes.
I also found a few more sconces that likely won't break the bank. The fixture below is part of Jonathan Adler's Parker line. These go for $195 each.

I don't yet have a price on the sconce below from Kuzco Lighting, but based on the other prices I've seen from this company, it's won't be quite as budget busting as the Robert Abbey version. I love a good knock off.
Aside from statement pieces in the dining area, staircase and bedroom, I'm looking for a more subtle effect for the rest of the lighting. We'll have three pendants above our island, and as it isn't far from our dining table I'll likely choose clear glass pendants that don't take up any visual space, break up sightlines, or compete with the fixture above the dining table. I love the simple, sleek pendants by LightForm below.

What I've realized, again and again, is that I can't quite define my style. Some of the above are glam, some are industrial and others, like the X-sconces, are more traditional. And the materials are a mix of metals, glass and wood. Hopefully I'll see the light - pardon the awful pun - and make some solid decisions in the next few days. In the meantime, please send me your thoughts and any tips you might have that might help shed some light on my upcoming purchases. :) Here's a peek at my long-weekend "reading" courtesy of Richardson Lighting...


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