Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Sneak peak at construction progress - main floor

Josh and I popped over to our construction site last week to check on progress - it was the first time I've set foot in the house as the first floor hadn't been completed on my last visit. We now have what I liked to call "interior walls you can walk through." When I said this to friends, their response was, "as in door frames???" Like I'm a bit thick or something. ;) I still haven't quite learned the proper house-building can still walk through the walls in addition to being able to walk though the door frames. YaknowwhatImean?
This is what I mean...
I can walk through the kitchen area to my future office. Granted, I do have to turn sideways first.

So above is our future kitchen, and the background is my future office. We'll have a big ol' kitchen island as it's where we love to entertain family and friends when they visit. My mom gave us the good tip to recess the fridge into the wall so that it doesn't jut out past the other cabinetry. This is super important here as we're going to panel over the fridge and we want it to look seamless.  


The photo above is a view from the office. I love the big windows in this room. Our winters in Saskatoon can be pretty gloomy sometimes so it's nice to get as much natural light as possible. I'm hoping to cover the wall on the left with fabulous wallpaper, and have built in shelving and storage on the wall opposite the big window.

Below is a view from the kitchen towards that back of the house. You take two steps down to get to the living room where we'll have a fireplace and the TV. The back windows are even bigger than I imagined and I'm smitten with them. The backyard is south-facing so this space will get flooded with sunlight. In the back left corner there will be a mudroom and powder room. A pony wall separates the dining area from the living room.

I get pretty excited about the small details too. One end of the island will have some great cookbook and wine storage. I was inspired to combine the two types of storage after coming across the photos below.

We have a separate outdoor entrance to the basement so that it could be developed for a rental suite, or used as a mother-in-law/granny suite. This is a view from the side entrance. We don't have stairs built down to the basement or up to the second floor, so that's it for pictures for now. Plus it was cold out and I had to take my mittens off to take the I only lasted for a few minutes. I'm a bit of a wimp. 

So that's a wee tour of the main floor. Once we have some stairs I'll share some basement and second floor photos. We'll soon have a roof and windows, so I'll share a few exterior shots once that's done.
Till next time!

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