Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas 2013 wrap up

After two Christmases spent in its box, we decided to free our faux Christmas tree and get it all done up for the holidays. Last year we spent Christmas in Nova Scotia, so we didn't bother with the tree - we decorated the porch and stair banister instead. The year before that we cut down our own tree at Emma Lake and schlepped it back home. So I was pleasantly surprised by how great the tree looked after being smushed into a small package for over 1,000 days.

Here's how we decorated for what will be our last Christmas in this house...

I decorated the banister again this year, but switched up the decorations. Last year I used blue ribbon and blue glass ornaments. This year I went with sparkly bunting and paper snowflakes.

I bought sparkly gold and silver paper from Michaels and cut the triangles for the bunting. I connected them by hole-punching the top corners and threading ribbon through them. My friend Breanne had the same snowflakes at her house and I loved them. I was happy to hear they were just a few dollars each at Target so I stocked up a few days later.

I also put some of my favourite ornaments in a bowl on the buffet to add a bit of colour. I love the combination of turquoise and chartreuse.

I also got creative with gift wrapping this year. I picked up two of Martha Stewart's die cuts at Michaels - one is a snowflake and one is a lattice pattern. The lattice die cut makes beautiful edges, so I used it to decorate a Kraft paper ribbon below...
...and I used it in combination with snowflake-patterned washi tape where the wrapping paper joins together:
With the snowflake cutter, I experimented with wrapping the gift in coloured paper and cutting out snowflakes on a second layer of Kraft paper. The only problem here is that you can only cut into the edge of the wrapping paper with the die cutter (see below). I tried to fold the paper so that the snowflakes would be on the top middle of the package, but it just made a wrinkly mess.
In the end, the snowflakes looked a bit haphazard, but it was worth a shot.

For the gift tags, I cut up the box my pine-scented candles came in, and I also repurposed old Christmas cards.
The snowflakes worked much better on the tags. I threaded the ribbon through the cut-out to attach the tag to the gift.

So that's a wrap up of our Christmas décor and gift wrapping for 2013.  ;)
Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!



Dallas New said...

Absolutely lovely decorations. And I'm so impressed with your gift wrapping! You have a definite artsy knack! :) Merry Christmas!

Cathy said...

Love your attention to the details of such pretty gift wrapping! The modern take on the bannister decorations is refreshing and fun....just the right touch.

Jules said...

Thanks guys! :)

maliahana said...

Hello- where did u get the rom divider/bookcase?

Jules said...

Hi Maliahana!

The bookcase is from Ikea. The line is called Expedit. Hope this helps!