Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fabulous floor trusses

Our house framing was delayed a few weeks as our framer was finishing up another project...hence, the lack of updates. I checked out our snowy site on Friday, and found more floor trusses had been installed. In my last post, I incorrectly referred to them as floor joists. There is a difference, and this is how one website demystifies the discrepancy:
"Unlike joists, floor trusses allow heating, plumbing and electrical material to run inside them rather than below. Trusses are generally deeper and more expensive then joists." 
They also help absorb vibrations as people walk across the floor, and are simply a more solid support system than joists...or so the interweb tells me.

Things should start progressing a bit faster now that the framing is under way, so I'll start posting more frequently in the coming weeks...assuming Mother Nature doesn't get in the way too much.


Calvin Rodo said...

Looking good Julie, can't wait to come visit you guys when it's done.

I have to say I don't envy the guys working on your house in this weather.

Jules said...

Hey Calvin! You and Amy totally need to come visit the prairies! If Mike and Miriam come to Canada for Mike's race we could have an Ottawa reunion out here. :)

We might be in your neck of the woods in the new year. We'll look into flights soon and be in touch!