Friday, October 25, 2013

The colours of Notting Hill and the charm of the Cotswolds

There's not a lot to share on the house building front right now. We have a few floor joists up, and framing should be starting next week. It snowed in Saskatoon last week so that came as a bit of a scare, but luckily it didn't stick around long - it melted within the day. Here's a photo I took during the floor joist installation (it's taken from the backyard):

We've started selecting appliances and bathroom fixtures that will need to be roughed in, so it's really starting to feel real. We are actually doing this house building thing. No turning back now.
In the absence of any real progress photos to share, how about some pretty houses from my England trip?
Let's start with Notting Hill...
Oh, to live in a turquoise town home in Notting Hill. If I ever happen to have an extra bazillion dollars, this is where you'll find me. Just look at the detailing on those windows. Stunning.

I admire the bold, unabashed use of colour.

 This was taken at the Portobello Road Market. A bit chaotic but crowds don't bother me.
This was the only modern house I saw on the entire trip. The use of white really makes it stand out in this neighbourhood.

I left London and spent a day touring the idyllic Cotswold's countryside. It unbelievably charming and quaint. With that bazillion dollars, I think I'd buy a second home here....

I signed up for the full-day Cotswolds tour with Lion Tours. I can't recommend it highly enough. We were a small group of nine people and our guide, Louis, was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. He picked us up in Bath in the morning, gave a fabulous intro to several charming Cotswolds towns, and dropped us back off in Bath at the end of the day. If you're spending the night in the Cotswolds, you an also arrange to be dropped off there. Louis knew the lovely woman who owned the house below, and she invited us into her garden.

I have a new fascination with bunting. I want to string it from wall to wall throughout my house - which would look totally ridiculous...but fun! Not sure what Josh would think, perhaps we'd compromise and I'd use it in the courtyard of our next house.

We're getting a primed front door that will be ready to paint whatever colour we want. This turquoise is a strong contender.

This town was called Castle Combe and it's where Steven Spielberg directed War Horse. A lot of movies set in earlier times are filmed here - as you can see, there's not a lot that needs changing to bring it back several decades.


The following three photos are of the same property. As if this spot couldn't be more perfect, it's got a stream running past the garage.

Here I am at my future second home. Hopefully Josh likes it. We'll have you over for high tea.

That's all for now. Bath was also incredibly beautiful. I'll share a few photos from my stay there in a later post.

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