Friday, September 20, 2013

Mucho progresso

We had a lot of progress on our house in the last two weeks. Short of time, I'll do a very quick overview.
Last week the footings were constructed, which is what you see below. I didn't know what footings were until then, and I'd say 90% of the population doesn't - based on the blank stares I got from people when I told them we now had footings. I don't find them all that interesting (their purpose is to support the house) but if you want to learn more - check out the Wiki page here.
I do happen to know what rebar is, and there's a big ol' pile of it below. Josh and I like to call our house Hotel Rebar as it's a combination of our last names, and we seem to have a lot of overnight whole construction business thing.
A few days later I stopped by the site and this is what I came across. I didn't have a clue what I was looking at but Josh later explained that the temporary wall-like structure is used as a mold for pouring the concrete to create the basement walls. The interweb tells me that the proper term might be "wall forms." Let's go with that. Once the concrete is poured and has set for awhile, the wall forms are removed. This is when I realized that I was completely unaware of how houses were built. I had never stopped to consider how all that concrete got its shape.

A few days later, I checked out the site on my lunch break and saw this HUGE Canadarm-like machinery soaring through the sky. Again...not what I expected. The concrete was coming from the mixer, through this arm, and on the other end it was being poured into the wall forms. 
One of the six men on site was directing the concrete into the wall forms as you see below. It was super noisy so I couldn't talk to them and let them know I was the owner. They probably thought I was a crazy person taking photos of them. As I counted all the tradesmen, I may have slightly flinched when I realized that Josh and I were paying their salaries that day...and they all likely make a lot more money than I do.
A few days later the wall forms were removed and we had a basement foundation and walls!

Next post: Less photos of dirt and concrete and more décor/colour inspiration.


Cathy said...

Hotel Rebar is off to a great start!

gai said...

Hotel Rebar, I like that!
But, I must accuse you of not reading my blog very thoroughly, if you don't know what footings and forms are! (
So much fun, isn't it? I, for one, am quite interested in dirt and concrete, so keep 'em coming.

Sephie said...

love it! this is looking awesome!! i'm so excited for you guys!!!!