Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More east coast inspiration

We've just been given the heads up that the demolition crew is coming this week to tear down the bungalow we purchased. Obtaining demo permits, construction permits and lining up a demolition company has taken a bit longer than we expected, but now it's full steam ahead!

When I was visiting my parents in Nova Scotia, I took photos of the features in their house that I'd like to incorporate in our new home. Here's a peek:

Built-in bookshelves

I'm crazy about built-in bookshelves and I'm excited to have them in our future office. Josh and I disagreed over which wall to put them on so we decided we were both right and will be building them on two adjoining walls (forming an L shape). We'll include some closed-in storage along the bottom to hide away folders, files, and all the other boring office detritus.

More book storage!
It's not just the office getting book shelves - but the kitchen too.

I love having my cookbooks handy and seeing their colourful spines out on display so we'll have some cookbook shelving right in the island. The only difference is that we'll put the shelves on one of the ends of the island and add a small wine rack too. Below is mom's kitchen-island shelving. She gave me one tip based on her experience: make sure the carpenter builds the shelves tall enough to store your cookbooks vertically!

Landscaping ideas

As I mentioned before, we'll be xeriscaping the front and backyard. I love how my parents have added woolly thyme to their stone pathway. It looks beautiful and acts as a great ground cover. It needs full sun so our south-facing backyard might be a good spot for it (or a similar plant).

The photo below isn't my parents' house, but the sporting lodge at Fox Harb'r Resort.  My mom has a social membership there so we often visit to go for a swim in the pool, hit the gym or run on the trails. We visited the sporting lodge as Josh and my dad had signed up for a target shooting session (with clay pigeons - not the real thing!)
Although we're building a modern home, I'm very drawn to traditional-looking gardens like this. Just like their spiraea, ours really seems to thrive during the summer in Saskatoon. I'm also crazy about hydrangea and would love to have one in the front yard with an abundance of blooms like the one below.

A few weeks after our east coast trip my parents visited us here in Saskatoon bearing lovely gifts. One of them was a turquoise doormat I had spotted in a Mahone Bay shop. It's made of reclaimed rope from lobster traps by a company called 30 Fathom, based in Grand Manan, New Brunswick. Each mat consists of 150-180 feet of rope, which is approximately 30 fathoms. The company's website is under construction, but there's a great blog post about them here. It adds a colourful touch to our front door and looks truly unique in the Prairies :)

Stay tuned for the dirt on our demolition!

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