Friday, August 2, 2013

East Coast trip - Chester and Mahone Bay

We recently returned from a relaxing week in Nova Scotia. We spent the first few days on the South Shore where our friends' wedding was held, and the rest of the week with family on the Northumberland Shore. One of the highlights of our trip was exploring Chester and Mahone Bay - two stunning seaside towns that bookended the wedding venue, the Atlantica Oak Island Inn &  Marina (both towns were ten minutes up and down the coast from us).

In Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec are considered "Eastern Canada" and many people I've met say that Toronto or Montreal is the farthest east they've ever been. A lot of them imagine Canada's actual East Coast to look like the seaside towns of the U.S. Northeast, such as Cape Cod or Bar Harbor. I've never been to Cape Cod, and it's been years since I took The CAT to Bar Harbor, but I think it's safe to say that there are a lot of similarities in both the geography and the residential architecture. Colourful shingle siding, white trim and carefully curated gardens dominate the ocean-flanked landscape.

Josh and I went for some lovely strolls in Chester and Mahone Bay, and here are a few of the beauties we came across:

This gorgeous garden could be yours with the purchase of "Morning Tide" - the symmetrically spectacular home below. It's currently listed at $749,000 - and if you're nosy like me you'll want to check out the beautiful interior here. 


Morning Tide looks right out onto the harbour, so this would be your view everyday....

Just down the road you'll find a dockside seafood restaurant...
...and quaint local artisan shops.

And buoys - don't forget the buoys.
Another glorious garden
The Chester Playhouse 

Just a short drive down the coast is majestic Mahone Bay.

The cottage below can be rented out and the interior is just as lovely as the exterior. See more at

Many stately old homes line the street along the bay. You'll notice similarities in the detailing around the doors below.

I hope that's enough to convince a few Prairie dwellers to venture a bit past Toronto. :)

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Sephie said...

wow.. i wish we had had more time to explore mahone bay!!!