Friday, July 12, 2013

New blog design!

Welcome to the new and improved Juba Life!

My site had been in need of a refresh for awhile, and although I tinkered away behind the scenes, it quickly became apparent that I didn't have a sweet clue what I was doing.

Sometimes, it's best to bring in the professionals. I found a talented designer on Etsy called Carrie Loves Design and I asked her a few questions about how the whole process works. She answered promptly, I picked out the template, purchased it, and within two hours my site was revamped.

I love the fresh look and feel of it. The hardest part of the whole process is choosing the template as Carrie has so many lovely ones to choose from. You can find them on Etsy here.

As a Nova Scotian, this template stood out as it was called 'Beach Living' and the prototype evoked memories of trips to the beach on hot summer days.

Although the beach is no longer a short drive away, Josh and I are fortunate to have access to the beauty that is Emma Lake. We also squeeze in a trip to the Northumberland Shore in N.S. every summer. During our time in Ottawa we rented cabins on various lakes speckled throughout Ontario in order to get our watery-fix.

In keeping with the theme, here are a few photos of some great water-related memories we've made in the last few years.

Auckland, New Zealand

Last winter we took a sailing tour from Auckland to Waiheke Island with some friends. This photo was taken in front of the Viaduct Harbour in Auckland.

Bob's Lake, Ontario
A few years ago Josh and I rented Isaac's Acres, a private cabin on Bob's Lake in Eastern Ontario. The cabin was built into the side of a rock cliff and the views looking down towards the lake were stunning.

It had two perks that come in handy for a lakeside retreat: a screened-in porch with great views...

...and an outdoor shower.
If Bob's Lake is in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend this beautiful spot. You can find more information on this cabin here.
The owners of Isaac's Acres also have a large "compound" on its own island in Bob's Lake. The rental comes with access to a motor boat as it's the only way to get there. It's called Badour Island Compound and we rented it with several friends over a long weekend. It has a main cottage, a guest house, a TREE HOUSE, a basketball court, and another outdoor shower. Josh and I agree that it was one of the best long weekends we've ever had.

On our way to pick up friends at the marina...

The main cabin...
and the view from it...there were a lot of steps!
The tree house - the best room on the island!
The Thousand Islands, Ontario/New York
We also spent a long weekend with friends on a rented houseboat in the Thousand Islands.
Below is the Thousand Islands Bridge which connects Ontario to New York.

A full account of our houseboat trip can be found here.
Emma Lake, Saskatchewan
Now, instead of renting, we can save a few bucks and mooch off Josh's parents by visiting their lakeside house at Emma Lake. One of our new traditions has become lighting Chinese lanterns off the dock - Josh's dad brings them back from his trips to Thailand.
They go up, up and away, before burning themselves out. As of writing this, we haven't caused any raging forest fires.
During the day, we go sailing on the Hobie Cat.

Wakaw Lake, Saskatchewan
Josh's aunt and uncle also have a great cabin in Wakaw where I've been taught the "diaper dive." To the uninitiated, the DD is when you put your legs through the arm holes in a life jacket and jump in the water. It makes it much easier to stay afloat as you throw back a bevvy or two.
That's probably enough of a watery montage for now. We're off to Nova Scotia very soon so I'll do a more oceany post shortly! :)

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