Thursday, May 2, 2013

Building a new home in Saskatoon

When I was in Ottawa last week, Josh found a potential lot (with a house on it) just a few blocks from our house. He sent me the MLS link and asked what I thought about it. The lot was 33 1/3 feet wide (I remember this by thinking of an LP) and 120 feet deep. A bungalow sat on the lot, but it didn't quite matter what it looked like as we'd be tearing it down. A huge tree was rooted in the boulevard in front of the house. I had a peek at Google street view to see what the neighbours' places looked like, and to get an idea of whether they take care of their homes and yards. As the street view images are a few years old now, I asked Josh for his opinion on the street. He was happy with it.

The next day, he sent me a text:

"Put in an offer. Hope you don't mind."

And an hour later:

"Done. Close June 1. You have any money?"

When I got back to Saskatoon, we went for a walk to check it out. The street is lovely with its wide green boulevards and mature trees. The neighbours' homes are well maintained.

I told my grandfather that we bought a lot and we were going to build on it. The first question he had was how wide the lot was. When I answered, "33 1/3 feet" he was very concerned that our house wouldn't fit. Where he lives in rural Nova Scotia, your house can't be within 12 feet of the property line. In Saskatoon, it's 4 feet. I explained our different bylaws, and how city living differs from small town Nova Scotia. I also explained that we currently live in a narrow home on a lot that's not as wide as our new lot (25 feet) and that our house plans are for a narrow home. He still couldn't seem to shake his concern that we hadn't calculated correctly (he must not be a big Juba Life reader).

So in the spirit of narrow-space living, here are some great narrow homes. The first one below is only 12 feet wide - making our future home seem downright palatial.

Via: Busyboo (Toronto)

 Via: Homedit (Tokyo)

 Front and back of a terrace home in Sydney, Australia. Via: Apartment Therapy
The Dutch are known for their narrow homes, but this one clearly takes the cake. It's the narrowest home in Amsterdam. How's that for achieving density? Via: Elle Décor
This stunning narrow house in Adelaide, Australia even comes with a narrow pool. Via: Dwell.

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