Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Here comes the sun...or not

Although today was the first official day of spring, it seems to be MIA here in Saskatoon. The snow is still higher than our BBQ would normally stand, and our ice stalagmite is growing ever taller with each frigid day.

Seriously, our stalagmite is impressive. The vent coming off our garage has been dripping all winter, and this is the result of all those accumulated drips. has been snowing and unbearably cold since October here, so this is about six months of growth.

Since it really doesn't feel like the seasons have changed, I'm choosing to channel the South of France indoors and trying to avoid going outdoors. It helps to work from home.

When my parents visited a few weeks ago, they came bearing lovely gifts. One of them being this beautiful, colourful tablecloth from their trip to Nice, France.

Just look at these juicy colours. The French truly know how to make gorgeous textiles.

I can sit at the table over breakfast and pretend I'm perched outside a café in the French Riviera -- with cobblestones at my feet and a view like this. When reality bites back and I see the mountains of snow outside my window, I can warm up with a cup of tea thanks to another present mom brought. She bought the teapot at David's Tea and knitted the cute tea cozy herself. I love the array of colours and how it picks up the turquoise of the teapot.

One thing these two gifts have in common is the great packaging they came in. The tablecloth came expertly wrapped in this pretty, patterned package. It was from a store called L'Epingle à Linge. I did some online sleuthing but they don't seem to have a website.

David's Tea also knows that packaging should really be the fifth "P" of marketing (in addition to price, product, placement and promotion). If you've been in their stores you'll know what I'm talking about.

Their packaging is punchy and eye-catching and their stores are sleek and well designed. I don't have a photo of the box my teapot came in, but I snagged this photo from their website so you can see what I mean. I don't even know what kind of tea is inside this box, but it's so pretty I'm totally intrigued.

Maybe drinking "the spring collection" will trick my brain into thinking spring is actually here.

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