Friday, March 15, 2013

Food & film

I'm short on time today, so I'm just going to share a few things that are worth checking out if you like A) short films and/or B) delicious food.

Mom was in town last week and I took her along to LunaFest at the Broadway Theatre. LunaFest was established 13 years ago to promote women filmmakers, raise awareness of women's issues, and support women's non-profit organizations throughout Canada and the U.S. The event centred around the showing of nine short films followed by a panel discussion.

It turns out you can watch many of these short films online. Here were a few of my favourites:

1. Georgena Terry - This is a five minute clip about how the founder of Terry Bicycles revolutionized cycling with bike frames designed for women's bodies.

2. Flawed - An animated story by illustrator Andrea Dorfman. This was one of the audience favourites and the whole film can be watched on the NFB website. It's 12 minutes and definitely worth your time. Halifax even gets a mention!

3. Lunch Date - An adorable 11 minute flick about a woman whose boyfriend sends his 14-year-old brother to send the news that he's breaking up with her. Unfortunately I can't find the whole film online, but the trailer does a nice job of summing it up. If you can get your hands on the full version, it's worth a watch.

And finally, something totally unrelated...if you have some spare time to whip up something delicious this weekend, I highly recommend this almond pear tart recipe. I made it last weekend and it was really good. It's quite a simple recipe, and the result is quite refreshing and light. And with all those pears and almonds, it's got to be good for you...right?

Image & recipe from Style at Home

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