Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Where my dogs at?

Or...where should my dogs go? And by dogs I mean foo dogs. And by foo dogs I mean Chinese guardian lions.

I'll explain :)

Josh and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary yesterday. After work, he brought home this bag...

...which made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I had to invoke restraint though - our taxi was waiting to take us to dinner, so I wouldn't have time to open it until we were back home.

When we got home a few hours later, I made a beeline towards the lovely black bag, and I pulled out these two beauties.

I've been coveting foo dogs since I wrote a post about them in 2011, and last week I stumbled upon this fantastic pair at the new Atmosphere Design Lounge on 2nd Avenue North here in Saskatoon.
I just happened to be driving by the Design Lounge last week and thought I'd pop in to have a look. I've always admired the work they had done for the Hospital Home Lottery so I was eager to see what their new digs had in store.
Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed. I'm crazy about this coffee table, but it's just a bit too big to go with our curved sectional. I did luck out in the fabric department though - but that's a whole other (future) post.
Now that I have my lovely lions, I'm looking for the perfect perch for them. I sat them on top of our bookshelf that night, but visually they get lost among the books. They're too tall to fit within one of the cubbies. To think I used to call myself a minimalist...
Then I tried them on the mantle. But as you can see, the ledge isn't quite wide enough. I'd be too worried they'd get knocked off. (Side note: The anniversary card that I got for Josh (below), says, "I love you this much. *not to scale." Perfectly adorkable.

I thought about separating them - putting one by itself in the bathroom. But I just couldn't do it. As Jack Johnson would say, they're "better together." I almost typed something unbearably schmaltzy here, but thought better of it.

Then I tried them as bookends in my office, but I refer to my reference guides often enough that it didn't seem practical to use something heavy and breakable.

I also tried them on the sideboard. I seem to have a thing for turquoise.

And here...where I realized that the shelves aren't perfectly parallel. The partner to this one wouldn't fit on the right end of the shelf - he was too tall. I had envisioned them being the guardians of our cookbooks.

And finally here, right on the window sill - where I think they'll stay for awhile. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so I'd get to look at/admire them often. Also, if you look at the photo above, you'll see that when we're doing the dishes we can see right in the neighbour's kitchen window, and we often see our neighbour doing his kitchenly duties. The foo dogs offer a wee bit of extra privacy here.

What do you think? Would you put them on a window sill? Or are they better as bookends or sitting symmetrically on a sideboard?

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I prefer the window sill