Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New calendar = affordable artwork

I realize that February may be a little late in the game to show off my new desk calendar, but I am nothing if not a pro at procrastinating. It was mid January before I found the perfect calendar online and it arrived the day we left for Hawaii.

As much as I love puppies, beaches and Downton Abbey, a typical store-bought themed calendar was not going to cut it. I want to look at beautiful things when I write (OK, Matthew Crawley or Branson would fit the bill here, but I digress).

The calendar comes in sheets, so I tacked the current month to my bulletin board. I still use my agenda for my appointments - I only write holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other general reminders on this one. Even though my agenda is always right next to me, I still like referring to a proper calendar when I'm making plans.

The 2013 tag came with the calendar and it says "enjoy the simple things." A good motto to live by.
I found the calendar on Etsy and it's made by the very talented Khristian A. Howell. You can also check out her lovely work at her website.  It turns out her designs are also used on bedding. I don't know if I've ever seen a more gorgeous bedspread.
This one is pretty great too...
...and she's got stunning candy-coloured shower curtains...
The great thing about this calendar is that at the end of each month, I have a gorgeous frame-worthy print to add to my gallery wall. January is over, so it's already been added.

Hello my pretties.
Here are the rest of the months...
It's tough to pick a favourite, but these are my top four:
The other calendar I had my eye on was at the Rifle Paper Co. Their "Cities" calendar is fantastic, and like the one I bought, the illustrations wouldn't be something you'd toss at the end of the year - it would make a great gallery wall in itself. At the time I looked at it, it was out of stock (making my decision easier) but it's since been put back into stock.

Featuring illustrated maps of cities such as London (below), Paris, Rio, Tokyo, NYC, Rome and Moscow, I'm hoping they publish it again in 2014. It would be a great piece of travel inspiration to hang on the wall.


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