Monday, February 25, 2013

Hana - more than just a day trip

When I'm travelling to a place that's known for its great sightseeing and natural beauty, the place where I sleep becomes less of a priority. Sure, I want something clean and comfortable with a convenient location, but I don't necessarily need the Four Seasons and 1,000-thread-count sheets. When our room becomes the place we only go to to sleep, I'm not interested in paying top dollar (OK, there are exceptions to this rule, but I digress). For me, where we eat/the quality of the food is of greater importance - and our friends had plenty of fantastic Maui restaurant recommendations. I'm looking at you Kim and Mike! :)

For our trip to Hana, I gave Josh carte blanche to find and book a room for us. We already had our Kihei condo booked for our full 10-day trip, so we were essentially doubling up on accommodation for our night in Hana - otherwise we might have stayed two nights.

Josh booked us in at the Garden Room at Anya's House and when we arrived I was happy I had let him handle our sleeping arrangements. The Garden Room is a zen-like B&B at Anya and Frank's home just 10 minutes before Hana. It sits on four stunning acres of tropical gardens - even the parking spot was beautiful.

Before heading into Hana for dinner, we explored the lush, colourful gardens. Just like on the drive to Hana, flowers and fruit were ubiquitous.



The oranges and bananas provided for our breakfast grew right outside our door.

The B&B even had resident chickens. I wondered if these chickens realized that they live in a paradisaical utopia...for now. I was happy to see there were no roosters-in-residence after hearing my parents talk about being woken up with a cock-a-doodle-doo at the crack of dawn when they stayed in Kauai.
Seriously, these chickens have it made in the shade - just look at this place!
Our room had a calm tranquility about it. It was cosy and quiet - the perfect retreat after a long, twisty-turny drive.

Our kitchenette was stocked with everything we needed for breakfast - bagels, coffee, yogurt, juice and fresh bananas and oranges were ours for the taking. It was nice to make a leisurely breakfast on our own schedule.

There are many reasons to stay in Hana for a night or two. As I mentioned in my last post, to drive there and back in one day just doesn't do it justice. Stay tuned for one more Hana post about why this piece of paradise deserves an extra day on your itinerary.

As an aside, if you are the five-star resort type, check out Travaasa Hana (formerly known as the Hotel Hana Maui). We went there for dinner and the resort was beautiful yet understated. If you book in advance online, rates start at $350 for single occupancy - double that if there are two of you. However, the front desk told us that if you just show up that day and they have space, you can get a room for two for just $350. You're taking your chances, but the front desk told us that 90% of the time, they do have rooms available.  

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