Monday, January 7, 2013

New year, new inspiration

Josh and I spent ten days in Nova Scotia over the Christmas holidays. For me, there's nothing like travel and visiting other people's homes to get me inspired to decorate.

Here are just a few things that inspired me on our trip:

1. My friend Jen did a fantastic job decorating her new home. I loved the vibrant paint colours and wallpapers she picked out. In the past when I've looked at wallpaper, I've gone to specialty stores and interior design boutiques to mull over my options. Then, when I get a quote for a wallpaper I like, I'm floored by the price tag and end up going without.

Jen has managed to find some fabulous patterns at Home Depot. I knew they sold wallpaper - I just figured it was all pseudo-Laura Ashley stuff and icky borders like this. But it turns out they have some great patterns - you just have to be willing to browse through their books.

Jen also has some great furniture and accessories - much of which is from HomeSense and its U.S. equivalent - Home Goods. Seeing all her great finds made me want to schlep to the discount dealer a little more frequently.

2. Next Christmas, I'd like to add a bit more sparkle to my dining table. Both Jen and my mom had great centre pieces that added some nice festive flair.

Mom used candles, faux greenery and mini sparkly disco balls on the Christmas table.

And Jen used a bowl of shiny ornaments. They look antique, but they're another HomeSense find.

3. Lastly, this picture of Eddie (in his favourite spot by the fire) wouldn't look nearly so cosy without the beautiful area rug that anchors the living room. One of the top things on my seemingly never-ending "to buy" list is the perfect area rug for our living room. As our home is open concept, it would really help to define the space better.

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Lara said...

Home sense is a fabulous place to find decorating treasures. :)