Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My favourite markets

When I'm travelling, one of my favourite things to do is visit the local markets. I love to see how the locals eat, the colourful displays and the hustle and bustle.

I seem to take a lot of photos too. Here are a few markets I've visited in the last few years - and one my parents recently visited.

1. Victoria Park Market - Auckland, New Zealand

We visited the Victoria Park Market while in New Zealand last February. We were wishing our hotel room came with a kitchenette so we could cook and eat some of the fresh seafood.

Gotta love fresh fish...

Everything you need for your next dinner party...

2. Ottawa Farmers' Market at Lansdowne

Technically this doesn't fall under travel, but I'll throw it in anyway as I happen to have photos. When we lived in Ottawa, a trip to the Lansdowne Farmers' Market was a weekly outing I always looked forward to.

Ripe, juicy peaches and plums galore...

3. Pender Island Farmers' Market, B.C.

When we visited my Aunt Mary on Pender Island in the spring, she took us to her local Farmers' Market...

...where I picked up a jar of her friend Herb's delicious Naked Noodle pasta sauce. Mary designed the great Naked Noodle logo.

4. La Boqueria, Barcelona

This was actually more than a few years ago, but remains one of my favourite markets. We visited La Boqueria, on La Rambla in 2005.

I love the colours in this photo so much that I blew it up, framed it and hung it in my kitchen.

5. The San Remo Market, Italy

I've never been to this market, but my parents just returned from a trip to France and sent me these photos. They took a trip across the border into Italy to check out San Remo - which is on the Italian Riviera in western Liguria.

Mom tells me these curvy green things are trombetta squash.

Fresh olives and fennel.

We have a great Farmers' Market here in Saskatoon too - I just haven't managed to take any pictures yet. That post will have to wait until spring. It will likely involve an over-indulgence in French macarons from Wild Serendipity Foods - all in the name of research.

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