Thursday, November 22, 2012

Alanna Cavanagh tea towel

It used to be that Pinterest was the main catalyst for most of my impulse purchases. It still is, but now Twitter is giving it a run for my money. Earlier this week, someone tweeted a picture of this adorable tea towel, illustrated by Alanna Cavanagh.

I love Alanna's screenprints, so this little number is a great (and affordable) way to bring her work into my home. This design is a limited edition being sold at The Bay for $14.95 and it's made of 100% linen. I'm not sure if the Saskatoon store has them in stock, but I'll have a peek this weekend while I'm out finishing my Christmas shopping.

As she's a Canadian illustrator and print maker (based in Toronto) it's easy to justify it. I'm supporting Canadian small business! I'm good at finding ways to justify buying things I don't need.

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