Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My future oxymoronic kitchen

My parents just returned from a trip to France and they sent me a few photos of their beautiful hotel in Provence, Crillon Le Brave.


I love pretty much all things French - stinky cheeses, creme brulee, baguettes, croissants (pretty much all French food minus steak tartare), Amelie, and a few books on my mental must-get-around-to-reading list are set in France - including, The Elegance of the Hedgehog, Paris to the Moon, and The Sweet Life in Paris.

Since a trip to France isn't in my near future, I've been trying to bring France to my kitchen - my current kitchen and the future kitchen in the house we hope to build soon.

On our recent trip to Edmonton, I picked up this marble utensil crock at Crate & Barrel. They have a great line of marble kitchen accessories - if they weren't all so heavy, I might have done a lot more damage to my bank account. Some of my favourite cookbooks (below) are centred on French cooking. My mom gave me Around my French Table, and my friend Sylvia gave me Barefoot in Paris. I highly recommend both.

As the temperature dropped in Saskatoon, my succulents had to come inside, but I wanted to transplant them into a smaller container. My "Boulangerie Angel Food" candle had melted away, so it made the perfect home for my wee succulents. On the right is my favourite herb from Herbes de Provence - Rosemary.

I find that all the kitchens that catch my eye these days are French bistro-style. That's a bit of a conundrum for me when it comes to designing our next kitchen as our house will be quite modern. I was explaining to Josh how, although I still love modern design, I'm really liking the eclecticness (is that a word?) of the bistro kitchen.

Here are just a few I'm crazy about...


I'm clearly not the only one obsessed with this look. Simply type "bistro kitchen" into Pinterest and you'll get a ton of results.
Now I have to decide exactly what style I'm going to go with, as Josh says it might be tough to design a sleek/modern/clean-lined/eclectic/French bistro-styled kitchen.

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