Monday, October 1, 2012

How to make your own framed chalkboard

Josh and I had good intentions this summer to check out a few garage sales on a lazy Sunday morning. Somehow, summer managed to come and go without a trip to a garage sale, yard sale or flea market.

We had planned on finding and schlepping home a big ol' picture frame to make a DIY chalkboard for the kitchen. As luck would have it, we didn't need to find a garage sale. We didn't have to look any further than Josh's parent's house. While visiting them for lunch last week, he stumbled upon two great frames they were happy to part with.

He brought them home and told me he had two pressies for me. This is pressie number one:

And pressie number two:
We picked up some black chalkboard paint, some bright yellow paint for the frames and GOS (good-one-side) plywood and got to work on it this weekend. Josh also rented an air compressor so that we could use a paint sprayer for an even coating.

First, we removed the canvases and cut the plywood to fit the frames. Then we taped newspaper to the walls of the garage and hung the frames.

Plywood inserts ready to be painted....

We chose a bright yellow paint I'd been eyeing up ever since we painted my mirror frame last year. It's called egg yolk and it's by Martha Stewart. We mixed three parts of the paint with one part of mineral spirits which thins out the paint enough to spray it evenly. We tested out the sprayer on the newspaper until we got a uniform spray pattern.

We rolled on the chalkboard paint...

and got almost instant gratification with the paint sprayer.

The nooks and crannies in the frame need a little extra attention.

After several coats of paint, we let the frames and chalkboards dry overnight. The next day, Josh used a nail gun to attach the chalkboards in the frames.

Voila! Once the basement is finished and we have a ping pong table, this wee chalkboard will be used to show how much I'm kicking Josh's butt at ping pong keep score.

The big chalkboard is really heavy so we mounted it with drywall plugs and screws.

We hung it next to the pantry so it'll be used to list groceries we need, to-do's, appointments, etc. I love how the bright yellow pops and matches our curtains.


gai said...

Wow, gorgeous! (and so are the chalkboards!) I'm just impressed about how clean your garage is.

Kimberly D. said...

Julie: I love your creativity and your decor style. The project looked like it was a blast to complete. I look forward to seeing it in person!

Jules said...

Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun. Kim: hopefully you'll see it in person soon - it's our turn to host dinner :)

Sylvia said...

Love the chalkboard!!!! You're so creative.. :D

Jules said...

Thanks Syl! :)

Sandra said...

Thanks for that tutorial! I was looking online for one and yours is the best.

Jules said...

Hi Sandra - I'm so glad you found it helpful! Good luck with your project!