Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Showering al fresco in the city

We visited Josh's uncle at Katepwa Lake last weekend. It was our first visit to the lake for both of us and we were both impressed. It's a big, beautiful lake and the cabin had lots of cosy little reading nooks - indoors and out.

I loved the patio lanterns strung through the trees on both sides of the cabin. Below is a shot of the front of the cabin - the side with the driveway. Josh would argue that the front is the water side - but he'd be wrong.

I loved these retro lanterns hanging above the back deck - my grandparents used to have the same lights strung along their pool deck. 

Another highlight for me was seeing all the pelicans that hang out on the lake. The only pelicans I'd ever seen in the wild were chillaxing on a pier in Florida. I didn't realize that so many of them made Saskabush their summer home. 

We got a little too close for comfort in the boat and they hightailed it outta there.

It seems whenever we get together with Josh's uncle, we come up with some sort of harebrained brilliant idea. In our last visit, we came up with the idea of renting out yurts to tourists. However, someone beat us to it last summer. 

This visit, we contemplated the logistics of creating an outdoor shower in the city. I had recently read an article in the NY Times about Manhattanites showering al fresco and I wanted in on the action. If it can be done in a city lacking privacy like New York, it can be done in Toon Town. 

Here are some of the outdoor showers (and one bath) from the article from which I'm drawing inspiration.

Robby Brown's outdoor shower sits on the 21st-floor terrace of his Manhattan apartment. Situated right off his master bedroom, one side faces Central Park, while the other faces hundreds of windows in neighbouring towers - towers that peer down on him. Browne seems unfazed, saying, "who wouldn't want to shower looking at Central Park?"

The outdoor shower owners weren't all New Yorkers. Angie and William Marshall have an indoor/outdoor shower at their home in Austin, Texas. The outdoor shower is accessed through a sliding glass door off the indoor shower. The best of both worlds. Brilliant. 

Brooklynite Mike Bennett ascends one flight of stairs to a shower on a communal roof deck in his building. Five stories up, he sees the city come to life in the morning. "You can hear New York waking up. The kids going to school. The hipsters off to work. The birds are doing their thing."

Flora Grubb prefers outdoor bathing to showering. She and her husband added an outdoor bathtub to the patio of their previous cottage in San Francisco. "I'm obsessed with outdoor bathing," she says. "Being in hot water outside is one way to be outside at night without being cold." Her husband adds that the best part of outdoor bathing is the feeling that "you're getting away with something."

Images via: NY Times

Below are three outdoor showers I found on Houzz that are modern enough for the home we'll be building in Saskatoon. Assuming there are some trees separating us from the neighbours, and assuming the neighbours are in a one-story bungalow, these might just have enough privacy for me.

Or perhaps a shower for deux would be in order...
Via: Houzz
The convenience of having the shower right off the bathroom is pretty hard to beat -as there's no need to schlep towels, soap and shampoo very far.

Read the whole NY Times article here.

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