Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a jungle out there

A few people have been asking about my lack of blogging lately. The last two weeks have been a bit crazy with the Fringe festival last week and visits with family. If we weren't checking out a Fringe show on any given night, then I was selling tickets to the shows. Things have calmed down so I should be able to turn out at least one post a week now.

Another question I've been getting is about my cup and saucer vines. You may recall we planted them in June in the backyard- two in pots and two in the flower beds.

Since then, they've taken on a life of their own, turning our pergola into a pseudo-jungle. All four of them have reached the top of the pergola and are making their way over the beams. The clematis is doing well too, although it's slowed down a bit since reaching the top of the lattice.

As you'll see in the photo below, the cup and saucers are growing up the two left posts, and the clematis is growing above the white flowers/purple petunias. Josh is enjoying our new outdoor sectional - we're buying another corner piece to attach to it so that there's room for me too.

You don't really need a trellis for the cup and saucer vines as they have little suction cups on them and climb up the posts pretty easily (Josh did hammer a few finishing nails into the wood to get them started on their climb). They grow these little spirals which allow them latch on to the nails or other pieces of the same vine. 

Weaving through the trellis.

The other two are doing well too - although the one on the left (attached to the house) doesn't get as much sun, and thus, didn't grow quite as fast as the others.

They even grow right up the stucco on the garage as you'll see on the left.

This shot is taken from the deck looking down, so you can see how the vine has started making its way over the top of the pergola. It traverses three of the horizontal beams as of this weekend - I'd love to see both sides meet in the middle by the end of summer.

The only downside to the cup and saucer is that they're annuals. We'll have to cut them all back in the fall which will be hard to do. I'll add a few more photos once they flower.

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