Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The book nook

As much as I love the open concept of our main floor, sometimes you just need a cosy spot to curl up with a good book. Josh recently decided to take our Ikea Expedit bookcase that had been up against the wall and rotate it 90 degrees to create a separate area at the front of the house. Such a minor furniture adjustment made a big impact on the space.

Naturally, I needed to fill this empty space and create a cosy little reading nook. We ended up getting two grey chairs from Urban Barn, and my Moroccan pouf from eBay arrived last week. Our shaggy rug and garden stool were moved over, and I finally broke down and bought the Nova Scotia map pillow from My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy.

The bookcase used to be flat against this wall.

It's still a work in progress. We have a side table that will be perfect for the space, but it's currently being used as an improvised nightstand in our bedroom. Once we buy real nightstands, the side table will fit perfectly between the two chairs for our Sunday morning coffee.

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