Monday, May 14, 2012

If it's good enough for Sarah Richardson...and my mother

We've taken what I feel is a big step forward in our plan to build our own home. Last week, during a trip to Regina, we paid a visit to Robinson Residential and started the process of creating plans for our future home. In a few days, we'll receive the first set of drawings.

Although we had a lot of ideas, we also asked for their professional input - especially on the second floor as we didn't have strong opinions on the layout of the master bedroom and ensuite.

We decided to check out Robinson Residential as my parents had used Robinson plans for their beautiful cottage in Nova Scotia. After a bit of research, I noticed that John Robinson collaborated with Sarah Richardson on her farmhouse.

Before leaving Regina, we checked out a few of their current plans being put into action. A couple of Robinson's contemporary plans are coming to fruition near the Cathedral district. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera, so we took these shots with Josh's Blackberry.

As these stock plans are for narrow lots, they're ideal for older neighbourhoods like ours. However, we decided to have plans created from scratch as we know the layout we want on the first floor.

What I love about these houses that I'd like to duplicate in our design are the clean lines, mix of cedar and stucco, and the large windows with black frames. If it's good enough for Sarah Richardson, and my mother, it's good enough for me.  :)

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M said...

Julie!!! This is soooooo exciting!!!! I had no idea you guys were thinking of building a custom home.

Friends of ours just finished building their own house and I just saw photos of the finished product. It was so cool to see how perfectly everything suits them. It is SO neat to be able to put all your favourite wishlist items all into one house.