Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I heart Moroccan poufs

I finally did it. After lusting over Moroccan poufs for the last few years, I finally caved in and bought one tonight. I've seen them in decor shops in both Vancouver and right here in Saskatoon, but the hefty $300+ price tag always scared me away.

I decided to take a chance and buy one on eBay - it was actually my very first eBay purchase. The poufs are imported from Morocco and they come unstuffed. I'll have to stuff it myself - makes sense otherwise shipping would be pretty pricey - but I think Josh has enough pairs of holey socks and t-shirts that I can probably fill the thing. I've often threatened to throw out his holey clothes when he's not looking - but stuffing the pouf with them should be a good compromise.

The total cost was about $120 CAD. I'll consider that a steal if it looks just as good as the local $300 versions. I was a bit torn between turquoise and metallic gold, but it was this pretty photo that helped solidify my decision.
Gold it is!

I'll post a photo of the real deal once it arrives...

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Jerry Andrus said...

I orginally thought fad, but I'm coming around to fabulous:) I kinda want one!

moroccan poufs