Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The few things I know for sure

If you were a child of the late 80s/early 90s, you might recall those thin white jackets you could buy that came with fabric markers - allowing you to customize your new outerwear with rainbows and butterflies galore.

I remember my parents buying me one of these and I was ecstatic. I remember opening the kit and pausing to ponder my future masterpiece. I probably couldn't decide between stars, hearts or rainbows, or what combination of the above to go with. I remember being paralyzed with indecision. What if I drew blue stars and immediately regretted it? I put it away and decided it required more thought before putting ink to fabric.

My procrastination continued and the jacket sat unadorned in my closet until I grew too old - and far too cool - to wear something I had coloured. I was so worried that I'd make a bad decision, that I avoided making any decisions at all.

Now that we're planning our next home, the same type of indecision is coming back to haunt me. OK - 'haunt' might be a strong word, but I digress. The fact that building a home is such a big investment - in both time and money - I'm worried I'll make a bad decision and regret it. This isn't the mistake of choosing blue stars over pink hearts - it has more permanent implications.

So, although I am full of uncertainty, I'm choosing to focus on the few things I know for sure. And here are two of those things.

1. A unique, custom front door - and while we're at it, why not just say that all the doors will be a little out of the ordinary. I was inspired by the fantastic doors at my aunt's lovely home in the Gulf Islands.

Foreground: Monkey the dog. Background: The gorgeous front door.

Exterior shot of the front door. I love the idea of using a large pull instead of your standard door knob.

I loved this sliding barn door in the guest cottage. In fact, our current home has sliding doors on the pantry and I'm really happy with them - it's an element I'd love to keep in our next house.

Our current sliding pantry doors - at left.

2. A modern, floating staircase. The other thing I know for sure is that I want to incorporate a floating staircase. I love the way it allows more light filter in, depending on the placement of windows.

And said staircase could use a bit of sparkle - in the form of a bubble glass chandelier like in the photo below. I love how it descends from the top floor into the basement. Perfection.
the Bauhaus stairs contemporary staircase
Edmonton architect - Habitat Studio

I'll build my list as I go, and hopefully a year from now I'll have it more or less figured out. Unlike that old jacket - our plans won't end up sitting in a closet going out of style.


M said...

Oh, I was totally that kid too!! When my parents and I moved out of my childhood home, my Mom pointed out that I had a whole cupboard of these types of kits - all untouched. And I know that the reason I never used them was that I was too afraid to make something I'd later dislike. Instead they all ended up at Goodwill.

In hindsight, I wish I had just gone for it as a kid! The bad decisions make for good stories later. And most mistakes can somehow be covered up!

Jules said...

Too funny - sometimes I swear we were separated at birth Mary! Just caught up on your blog and saw that you were trying to create privacy with some vines...I've been doing the same thing with clematis and a somewhat obsure vine called 'cup and saucer.' Will post pics soon!