Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What to do with all those pennies

Now that Canada is phasing out the penny, it's got me thinking of what to do with all that loose change. I did a post awhile back about a stunning penny countertop I found on Apartment Therapy, but how about a penny-tiled floor? It might just be the perfect solution for tiling our basement bathroom - although laying it out could be a tad tedious.

The Standard Hotel in NYC laid out a ton of copper currency in their restaurant recently...


A close up from Apartment Therapy

Now that would be a huge undertaking best kept to a professional....if there is such a thing as a professional penny tiler.

If we hadn't already purchased a shower base, I could have been convinced to tile the shower floor. I love the sparkly shine of this bathroom - from the pennies to the damask tile.
Commercial Endeavours eclectic bathroom
via Houzz

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