Monday, April 16, 2012

Three great Gastown boutiques

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been lucky enough to find myself in Vancouver three times this year. Two trips were short layovers, and the third was an afternoon following a weekend in the Gulf Islands. Although short of time, I still managed to squeeze in a few trips to some stunning shops.

Gastown had a great variety of beautiful home decor boutiques. Here are a few we checked out...

1. Parliament @ 115 Water Street. Chock full of gorgeous accessories, affordable furniture and great geometric rugs, it was only thoughts of astronomic shipping costs that kept me from whipping out my credit card and buying every pretty thing in sight. The staff were super friendly too :)

Love the office chair and gold garden stool

Great pillows - love the mix of colour and sparkle

2. Inform Interiors @ 50 Water Street. This was a huge 3 level showroom with stunning modern furniture, lighting and unique accessories. I loved the light fixture below and the glow it cast on the table beneath it.

More great lighting...

Inform had an amazing selection of design/decor magazines and books.

Usually a reluctant shopper, Josh even managed to amuse himself at Inform.

3. Orling & Wu @ 28 Water Street - An eclectic mix of wallpapers, fabrics, home decor accessories, gifts and tableware - this shop was so much fun to browse.

I still regret not making room in my suitcase for some of this great acrylic cutlery.

Acrylic cutlery images via Orling & Wu

The only thing that saved me from myself (read: emptying my bank account) was the fact that we visited these shops on the way to New Zealand, not from. Anything I would have purchased would have had to be carted over 24,000 km before making it back home to Saskatoon.

I did make up for it on our recent visit - details to follow soon.

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