Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspired by my Aunt Mary

My cousin Kate knows my taste pretty well. That's why she convinced her mom - my Aunt Mary - to send me this picture of her salon-style wall. I love everything about it - from the wall colour, to the mix of paintings, prints and photography, to the globe (I do love maps), to the trellis-patterned pillow. The beautiful blue paint is Pool Party by Benjamin Moore. It's a strong contender for the wall colour of our future basement bathroom.

Mary gave me a bit of background info: "I did the flag painting years ago and it is an homage to Jasper Johns who did many many paintings of the American flag. The circus poster was an item that I scored on Live Auctioneers.com."

You may recall that it was Mary who painted my gorgeous Union Jack painting which was a house warming gift from my parents.

Josh and I visited Mary and my late uncle Boog in their beautiful B.C. home in October 2008 and I found a few photos from our trip. This house seriously belongs in a design magazine.

Josh takes a picture of me, Boogie and Mary sitting down to a wonderful dinner.

I don't think I'd ever get tired of this view.
We're super excited to be making a return trip to visit Mary - and my parents - in the very near future. More pictures to follow when we return :)

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Mary's Dwellings said...

I could sit out on that deck ALL day, EVERY day!! Gorgeous!