Thursday, April 12, 2012

CB2 opens in Vancouver

On our way to New Zealand in February, we were able to finagle a stopover in Vancouver both on our way there, and on our way home. On our first visit, I was ridiculously excited to see that a CB2 would be opening on Robson near Jervis. However, I was sad to see that it wouldn't be until spring 2012 - as the posters in the window would have me believe.

In a recent article for the Globe & Mail, Sarah Richardson rightly described CB2 as Crate & Barrel's hipster sibling. I'd add that the hipster sibling is on a tighter budget, as CB2's prices are a bit friendlier on the wallet than the original C&B. Vancouver is the second Canadian city to get a CB2 - Toronto scored the premiere location in January.

Two weeks later, on our return journey, I noticed a poster at a sky train station saying that CB2 was now open - and it wasn't even spring yet. Josh knew he was doomed. He stopped at a cafe on Robson and gave me a head start.

It was great to see everything in person that I had previously drooled over on my computer screen. I've never been able to confidently buy furniture online having not seen it in person first - I didn't pull out the credit card for the original Crate & Barrel until I saw what I had been lusting over in-person at their Calgary location.

One of the long-time objects of my affection was this marble-topped coffee table. At $359 it's a steal, but the shipping costs for this beauty take some of the shine away from the great deal.

Josh gave this coffee table a test drive. Being the enterprising type, he assured me he could have something made that looks just like it. I like the industrial look of it, but the marble topped table above is still my fav.

Josh making himself at home.

We were lucky enough to go back to B.C. to visit family for the Easter long weekend. Our only day in Vancouver was Easter Sunday, and it seemed CB2 was the only store on Robson that chose to close its doors. I was a bit disappointed, but my disappointment abated when we opened a pressie from Mom and Dad - appetizer plates and cute birdie tea light holders from none other than CB2. 


Mary's Dwellings said...

Haha! I'm glad you got to see the marble table in person! I'm not one to buy furniture without first seeing it either. But we took a HUGE chance and had our dining room table shipped from CB2 in the States about a year ago, and we loved it as much in person as online. They seem to photograph their furniture very accurately!

I love those bird tealights!

Sephie said...

i'm going to be in big trouble now that i've discovered CB2!! i LOVE those appetizer plates.. super cute!!